An organization’s alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future.

This is an exciting time at Nishat, as we are growing and emerging as a leading institution, giving us reason to feel proud of our alma mater! Besides, thousands of proud alumni from Nishat Group of Schools & Colleges play a central role in almost every sphere of life in Pakistan and abroad. A very large number of alumni of Nishat have distinguished themselves at various levels - academics, civil services, corporate services, research, sports, business, medicine, engineering, Armed Forces, etc. It is a matter of pride and honour for Nishat Group to have such eminent alumni. They all carry with them a very special and unique experience.

No doubt, it has become a very popular adjective and slogan of the time:

“Be Nishatian … Be Successful”

As you and other alumni make meaningful contributions to the community through your work and civic engagement, Nishat is always here for you as a resource. The Alumni Association can help you maintain valuable connections to the Institute, faculty, and former classmates. Your education, experiences and friendships at Nishat are the foundation of your connection with the Institution. The more you are involved, the stronger the Alumni Association will be, which has a huge impact on the success of the Nishat Group of Schools & Colleges. Naturally, the success of our Alumni is our priority.

Main Constituents of Association

  • The premier and fundamental components of the Nishat Alumni Association is to facilitate alumni, students, faculty and administrative team to establish their sound contact with the Institute and each other for their shared interest and for the wider interest and prosperity of Nishat Group of Schools & Colleges.
  • Nishat Alumni Association assists in providing a sense of cooperation and mutual understanding among the former students, present students and faculty of Nishat to maintain the prestige and pride of our Alma Mater.
  • The Association focuses on keeping the Alumni connected to the Nishat Group of Schools & Colleges via events, get-togethers, seminars, and social networking opportunities.
  • It motivates the Alumni to take an active and keen interest in the work and progress of the Institute and to contribute towards the enrichment of the social value of their Alma Mater.
  • It also recognizes and acknowledges the distinguished Alumni and provides a forum for the alumni for exchange of ideas and views on educational, cultural, social and academic affairs of the day.
  • Nishat Alumni Association provides wider opportunities for the progression of professional sociability bonds between the ‘alma mater’, past and present scholars of the Institute.